MyBima: Insurance
at your fingertips.

Buying and managing Insurance has never been this easy!
-Tap “Get A Quote” Now to get started. That’s it!
-Also introducing the MyBima App, get Insured on the go!

Key Features include:

  • Real time Quotes for your vehicle(s)
  • Pay for insurance with Mobile Money
  • Free Sticker Delivery
  • Notifications for insurance expiration
  • In-App Claims, In case of an accident.
  • And many more.

How do I get Car Insurance NOW with MyBima?

  • Download the App & create an account,
  • Add your car(s) including detailed photos,
  • Get a Quote and Pay with Mobile Money
  • We deliver the insurance sticker to you. DONE!

Key Features include:

Insurance at the comfort of your home
Save time by avoiding that physical trip
No need to call Insurers to get Quotes

Keep track of your vehicle(s)

Add, manage, and organize your car(s) Add multiple photos, a description, etc. Notifications before insurance expires

Hustle-Free, In-App Claiming:

Select “Report Accident” in the App
Take photos of the accident scene
You will be contacted by the insurance provider

Value Added just for You

Either 10% Discount on your Premium
Or a free car-wash, service, or fuel
Whenever you get insurance!

Frequently Asked Questions

MyBIma is currently connected to UAP Insurance

The garage section is useful for both individual and businesses
Keep your fleet of cars insured, thanks to reminders & notifications
Get even more control by assigning drivers to a vehicle, Directly within the app

We always verify the phone number and details during registration, to have a strong KYC.

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